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  • Anna-Maree Osborne

Ten keys to Happiness

Happiness is an elusive concept. One person's ideas are not anothers. Surprisingly most people's ideas of an ideal life are amazingly similar as are the concepts leading to happiness.

The Keys to Happiness involve:

Connecting with others and giving to others.

Caring relationships are the basis of being human.Close friendships enable you to share feelings and your "life story".

Appreciating and being grateful for what you have.

Remember the famous saying "If you threw your woes and troubles into the hat and so did others you would soon take yours back and be grateful"..Make a list of all you are grateful for.

Have Goals and Direction

If you aim to land on Mars and only reach the Moon you have still traveled far.

Choose to take a Positive approach

Glass half full people feel more content.Many of the richest people in our society are the most unhappy. Wealth can be measured in many ways.

Learn how to Develop Resilience

It is not how many times you are knocked down or disappointed, it is how many times you get back up. Good times cannot be sustained forever but bad times also come to an end eventually.Trusting in yourself and your unique strengths will help in the bad times.

Keep Learning new things

People who know everything will never grow or develop. An active inquiring mind will find new solutions and ways of being.

Be a part of something bigger than you

Join your community, explore your spirituality and beliefs.

Take care of your body and your health

Keep moving, exercise whenever you can. Depression studies show exercise can have a large clinical impact and lower the incidence and duration of depression.

Practice Random acts of kindness

Make it a priority to perform kind acts and write down how you felt about them. Perhaps give up your seat on the bus, tell someone they mean a lot to you, buy an unexpected gift for someone.

Strive to find meaning

A meaningful life is a satisfying life.

These are not new or unique ideas but they sometimes are difficult to recall when you are feeling emotional or depressed. Anewu can assist you to learn Mindfulness skills to better use these strategies to create a happier more fulfilling life.



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